Certified Teachers

Our certified teachers are all experienced professionals who are well qualified in their area of discipline.

Our Accreditation

We are duly registered by the goverment of Liberia, incorporated by the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Accrediated by the Ministry of Education and the Ministery of Finance and Development Planning

Book & Library

Our institution uses contemporary Books to roll out training, which puts our students or par with market demands.

Sport Clubs

Our Sport Clubs is a vital part of our Inclusive PE programme, providing the essential activities for trainees and trainers. It helps to provide more opportunities for trainees to be part of extra-curricular activities.

What We Offer

We train youth in demand driven technical and vocational skills as a means of enhancing youth employability. Stimulate intellectual and technical growth of students in order to make them productive members of the community; Provide specialized training initial or continuing.

Safety First

AVTI is an ideal environment for learning, free of any form of threat or risk to its students. We foloow staight safety rules and measures in all our activities.

Regular Classes

our classes are regular and run 24/7. We offer both full time and part time classes for working class student andstaffa alike.

Certified Teachers

Our teachers are trained and comppetent work force with years of experience in thier variuos disciplines. The all hold at least first degree in their various areas of discipline.

Sufficient Classrooms

Our classes are condusive and well placed to meet the learning need of students

Creative Lessons

Our lessons are contemporary blending both theory and practical ideas together.

Sports Facilities

Recreation remains a major component of of our training. Our Soccer and kiball team contnue to bring laureals to us.

Our Goals & What We Do

We accomplish our mission by focusing on the following goals: Provide quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment. Provide development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills and enrich the organization. Provide individuals and the organization with the tools to respond effectively to the market needs as well as current and future demands for service.

we train and empower Liberia's emerging work force. We capacitate and transition youth by giving them a lifelong skill. We link our trainees to prospective employers and give them real working world experience. We upgrade the skills of already existing workforce. We blend vocational and technical skills with entrepreneurial ideas.

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Our Courses

We offer comprehensive career focused education and training to Liberian youth as way of preparing them to meet the present and future work force demand, we do this by creating pathways to employment.

Mr. Khan 10 seats 4 Years

Architictural Drafting

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Mr. Jabolee 60 seats 1 Years


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Mr. Fahmbulleh 60 seats 1 Years


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Mr. Danielson 60 seats 1 Years


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Certified Staffs

Meet our dynamic, hardworking and innivative staff (s). The diversity of the team is the major source of our sterngth. These are not only instructors and staff , but mentors as well.

Roland S. Kamara

Executive Director

Roland is a development professional, an educator and public administrator with over nine years of professional. He is the co. founder of the AVTI.

Justin B. Jimmy

National Coordinator

Justin is a youth developer, a researcher and legal practioner. He bag a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justic who several other certicates and training in education, human resource and youth empowernment.

Assata Passawe


Assata is sesaoned interior desinger and administrator who has acquired log of training in Ghana, Sierra Leone. She teaches interior Decoration, Beeds making and Customer Services.

Fred A. Samkoh


Fred is an educator, a project developer, lecturer and researcher with over eight years of experience in the field of educational development.

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28 Feb 2020


Liberia over the last decades has been a country with good education and brilliant students within Sub-Sahara Africa. During those years the country experienced other African youths, especially youths from the sub-region who at that time saw Liberia as a country with quality education.

09 May 2020


The growing skills mismatch in supply and demand should be a major source of concern for a developing nation like Liberia that still rely heaily on conventional workforce. So, it goes without saying that modern technologies are rendering many conventional workers unemployed, triggering frustration,

28 Feb 2020


Governments the world over often pronounce the importance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the social and economic development of people and nations. From our much research and analyses on the Liberian scenario, TVET continues to remain a “weakest” link in the total Liberian education system. Its image, quality,

What our Partners Say About Us

We have been legally vetted and met all requirements set by the government of Liberia for the running of Technical and vocational education and other youth empowerment programs as provided under the Liberian law. Our Accreditation was obtained from all line Ministries.